Volumes in the collection: Directory of the Borough of Southampton including the neighbouring villages. Corrected to May, 1839
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Full text:[...] 11 i *» . r Bullmer, J. butcher, Totton Bullmore, Thomas, master mariner, 15, Bugle street Bundy, George, brickburner, Hounsdown Bungay, Francis, tailor, Bevois street Burden, W. veterinary surgeon, [...]
Full text:[...] 12 Caldwell, Edward, esq. surgeon, Millbrook Caley, Mrs. S. 32, South front, Kingsland Callaway, Richard, coach builder, 79, Marl and place Callen, Charles C. carver and gilder, 101, High street Call [...]
Full text:[...] et 1- :e it 13 Caton, Richard, shoemaker, Fawley Cavan, Countess, Hythe Cave, Joseph, W. baker, Carlton place Cave, Thomas, house painter 69, High street Cave, Abraham John, painter and glazier, 16, [...]
Full text:[...] 14 Chivers, John, esq. Orchard place » Christopher, John, esq. 8, Brunswick place Chudleigh, Major, 2, Portland place Churcher, Reuben, baker, 58, French street C hurcher, William, builder, Highfield [...]
Full text:[...] 15 * i * } X* I I Clerk, John, esq. 6, Carlton crescent Ciougg, Robert, 11, College street Cobden, Mrs. Millbrook Cockrem, W. flyman, Salisbury street, Bedford place Coffin, Captain R.N. Swathling C [...]
Full text:[...] 16 Connor, Mr. Hythe Connor, Michael, 14, College street Conway, Mrs. needle-woman, 4, West front Conway, Captain, 16, Carlton crescent Cook, James, shoemaker, Church row Cook, Richard, smith, Church [...]
Full text:[...] 17 - i •i i Coster, Charles, coal merchant, High street Costerfine, John, tea dealer, Bedford place Cotterell, E. F. porter merchant, 74, High street Cotton, Miss. S. 3, Anglesea place. Cotton, Rich [...]
Full text:[...] 18 Cromwell, Mrs. F. milliner, Commercial road Cromwell, Daniel, organ builder, 19, Above bar Crook, Nathaniel, baker, Mount street Crook, J. bricklayer, Redbridge Crook, William, baker, Orchard lan [...]
Full text:[...] 19 i H Darley, James, 4, King street D'Aubigne, J. G. Hythe Davey, James, 3, South front, Kingsland Davies, C. esq. solicitor, 10, Bugle street, and 68, Mar-land place Davies, Joseph, bookbinder & s [...]
Full text:[...] 20 Diaper, M. gilder, South front, Kingsland Diaper, John, Rose and Crown, French street Dibden, W. shoemaker, 9, Brewhouse court Dible, Mrs. Pembroke square Dible, James, retailer of beer, Godfrey's [...]
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