Volumes in the collection: Invoice H.M.Gilbert & Sons, copy of Court Leet Records
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Full text:[...] r PIQEKAYBEL SOUTHAMPTON. FACTOR: ma 80DTHAMKT0N EASTLEIOM iRELLI.tJENERA CABLE WORKS LTD, TKLEPHGKB SOUTHAMPTON 2141 [3 LINES.] 29th lugust It is Important to Quote Reference Mr. *'rank Cox, Bookb [...]
Full text:[...] Te/epAone ; ROYAL 9040 (H lines) ROYAL TELEX 7328. incorporating CHARLES MORGAN & CO. (town and country depts.) JOSEPH TOWN & SONS. WILLI AM PITT & CO. E. L. BE1LBY a CO. |f\j BROWN a THOMSON. G. S. [...]
Full text:[...] TELEGRAMS PIGEKAYBEL . SOUTHAMPTON.' FACTORIES SOUTHAMPTON EASTLEIGH irelllUenera TELEPHONE SOUTHAMPTON 2141 [3 LINES.] CABLE WORKS LTD. .21at....S^ It is Important to Quote Reference..... [...]
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