Volumes in the collection: Invoice H.M.Gilbert & Sons, copy of Court Leet Records
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Full text:[...] STATEMENT Telephone: BERmondsey 3175 (4 lines) Telegrams: Clivecobuy, Sedist, London Br. to CLIVE HUGHES & CO. LTD., 16/18, FULFORD STREET, LONDON, S.E.16 NEBI 31st October, igg 5 1955 To Goods Oct 1 [...]
Full text:[...] datlbam §>Xxttit If mbm W.C.2 Temple Bar 3475 (12 Hnw) 1 Temple Bar 8904 Telegrams : Lepard Westcenc, London EST. 1757 ssrs. 4*.D. Co#0= Son 26th October |9 55 Sold to 5 .;es\Street / y" Southampton [...]
Full text:[...] TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESSES: ]|PAPAVEROUS, cent, london'.' ''Envelope, Hyde'.1 X "WALDORF; GLASGOW." U4.8.C. Code 4% Ed/&'ony CABLEs/'PAPAVEROus, london TELEPHONE Nos. London, 6142 City (two lines) Hyde,12 [...]
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