Volumes in the collection: Invoice H.M.Gilbert & Sons, copy of Court Leet Records
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Full text:[...] / SHAPPES Telephone Bradford ffgf Telegrams Classic Bradford W. N. SHARPE L™ fine art publisher s CHRISTMAS CARDS ANEW YEAR CARDS PERSONAL XMAS CARDS CALENDARS BOXES OF CARDS & STATIONERY When replyi [...]
Full text:[...] 4' * jRe QUITTING OF PREMISES. ' Notice is hereby given—That by Section 17 of the Electric Lighting Act, 1909, it is enacted that Twbnty-four Hotjrs Notice in Writing shall be given to the undertaker [...]
Full text:[...] bill or circular distribution found employer Truck Trolley sent meet Train receipt of Notice The Messengers waiting minutes charge 2d. for ea& hal&ho%r from time of arrival so occupied. carried by [...]
Full text:[...] District Office ^ (To which postal remittances should be cent) CIVIC CENTRE, SOUTHAMPTON Phone . 3855 SO. Local Offices and Service Centres Station Road, Bishops Waltham ......... 100 4, Regal Buildi [...]
Full text:[...] STATEMENT. TELEPHONE: ELGAR 6801 (5 LINES) TELEGRAMS : WRIPADIUM, NORPHONE. LONDON. KlAliWW 'WiSllif' Messrs»H»D»Cox & Sons Ltd-, 5, West Street, SOUTHAMPTON,Hants. 6 ^ HARLEY MILLS, LONDON, N.W.IO. [...]
Full text:[...]  Mj DORMy ^PCt'aftftfQ engravers and stencil cutters bronze & brass name plates Letters filled with Cream or other Coloured Enamel Sketches and Estimates Free
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