Volumes in the collection: Invoice H.M.Gilbert & Sons, copy of Court Leet Records
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Full text:[...] JOHN T. HOAR & PARTNERS Certified Accountants JOHN H. T. HOAR, F.A.C.C.A. JOHN LESLIE HOAR, A.A.C.C.A. Telephone 24021 JLH/ECH/- 10th September, 1957• Mr, H. D. Cox, 55 Evelyn Crescent, Shirley, Sout [...]
Full text:[...] S STATEMENT J, Hewitt S®m© H? banners an5 father Jresscrs. ^Mil^iSSi Ojiflivw/in/ iij, Messrs. H. 13. COX & Son, 5 West Street, SOUTHAMPTON. "~l Ui.i> Bai.anoe I Date — IWTOieES-HBLACK Cash/Credits : [...]
Full text:[...] STATEMENT from SPROCKET STATIONERY John Dickinson & Co. Limited Apsley Mills, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. ; ME5SRS.R.D.C0X & SOM, 5,WEST STREET,, SOUTHAMPTON. 9/3195/558 TELEPHONE: BOXMOOR 124 PLEASE RET [...]
Full text:[...] DR. TC STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT DR. TO COWAN & SONS (PAPER SALES) LIMITED 24-25 UPPER THAMES STREET, LONDON, E.C.4 f Messrs. H.D. Cox & Son, 5, West Street, Southampton. 4-6/5(029 BRANCHES BIRMINGHAM BRI [...]
Full text:[...] Telegrams: Pencils, Stapleford-notts. Telephone: Sandiacre 29. dr. to . F. CHAMBERS & Co., Ltd. Garden Pencil Works, STAPLEFORD, Notts. 19...... TERMS MONTHLY 21%. OVERDUE ACCOUNTS STRICTLY NET. 19 T [...]
Full text:[...] Te/epAone ; ROYAL 9040 (H lines) ROYAL TELEX 7328. incorporating CHARLES MORGAN & CO. (town and country depts.) JOSEPH TOWN & SONS. WILLI AM PITT & CO. E. L. BE1LBY a CO. |f\j BROWN a THOMSON. G. S. [...]
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