Volumes in the collection: Invoice H.M.Gilbert & Sons, copy of Court Leet Records
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Full text:[...] INVOICE No. 3607 @ a directors: .. H. LAWSON R. LAWSON _ANTINE, B.Sc.,F.R.l C. L. H. BARLEE WALKER, C.B.E., C.A. j~MESSRS manners anb gather n H.D.Cox & Son 5 West Street Southampton CALF PIG • GOAT [...]
Full text:[...] bill or circular distribution found employer Truck Trolley sent meet Train receipt of Notice The Messengers waiting minutes charge 2d. for ea& hal&ho%r from time of arrival so occupied. carried by [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN T. HOAR & PARTNERS Certified Accountants JOHN H. T. HOAR, F.A.C.C.A. JOHN LESLIE HOAR, A.A.C.C.A. Telephone 24021 JLH/ECH/- 10th September, 1957• Mr, H. D. Cox, 55 Evelyn Crescent, Shirley, Sout [...]
Full text:[...] ESTABLISHED OVER 70 YEARS Telephone CLERKENWELL 5836. Telegrams; " NATHILLOS BARB, LONDON. Code: A.B.C 5th Edition. N. J. Hill Co., incorporated with HAMPSON, BETTRIDGE & Co., Ltd. BOOKBINDERS' MATER [...]
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