Volumes in the collection: Southampton: Its History and Antiquities
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Full text:[...] 28 SOUTHAMPTON : who resided in Southampton in 1545, as noticed by Leland in the following terms :—" The house that Master Lighster, chiefe Barne of the King's Escheker, dwellyth yn, is very fair." H [...]
Full text:[...] 18 SOUTHAMPTON : 1720 feet long, with a river frontage of 1500 feet, upon which will be erected extensive buildings for the reception of cargoes of all descriptions, and fitted with the most improved [...]
Full text:[...] ITS HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES. 7 At the drinking fountain, opposite the " Ordnance " buildings, we enter upon the Avenue. Until a few years ago this was composed of magnificent elms on both sides of th [...]
Full text:[...] 16 SOUTHAMPTON : firmed as the port for landing; and embarking the mails carried by the Peninsular and Oriental and West India Companies respectively. Around the connexion thus formed and established [...]
Full text:[...] ITS HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES. •27 peace this sword is kept sheathed and in time of war unsheathed. In the churches of the town there is an exceptional want of architectural interest seeing that at lea [...]
Full text:[...] AND NEW "Messes. Adams and Stilliaed's New Premises.—The establishment in the High-street, formerly occupied by Messrs. Hyles and Son and the Southampton Regatta Club, all of whom were suddenly eject [...]
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