Volumes in the collection: Southampton: Its History and Antiquities
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Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON Jts Jpsforo RH& Antiquities. TO THE DELEGATES compobixq the FORTY-SECOND HIGH COURT MEETING #±cr of jCorfskrs, ASSEMBLED AT SOUTHAMPTON, AUGUST. 1875, this sketch (By Bro. C. J. PHILLIPS, [...]
Full text:[...] 10 SOUTHAMPTON : known as Porter's-lane, in the rear of the Chamber of Commerce buildings, off the Town Quay, of which more anon. At the Norman invasion Southampton possessed a hero in the person of [...]
Full text:[...] 12 SOUTHAMPTON : series of years the experience of the townsmen alternated between attacks by the French—their memory still perpetuated to the inhabitants by " French Street " and the despatch of exp [...]
Full text:[...] ITS HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES. 17 docks, of the following capacity, affording unrivalled facilities for the inspection and repair of ships :— Length from gates to head : eastern 475 feet, middle 282 fe [...]
Full text:[...] TOOTHACHE! TOOTHACHE!! TOOTHACHE!!! Oh! This Toothache drives me Mad. It is an acknowledged fact that in the thousands of cases applied AUSTEN'S TOOTHACHE CURE Has never failed to give immediate reli [...]
Full text:[...] ROYAL YORK MUSIC HALL, ABOVE BAR, SOUTHAMPTON. Proprietor - Mr. W. Hyles. OPEN EVERY EVENING wwu Refreshments of evert} description ef the finest ^ualittj, PRICES OF ADMISSION; Private Boxes, 10s, 6 [...]
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