Volumes in the collection: Southampton: Its History and Antiquities
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Full text:[...] ITS HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES. 21 mails for the West Indies, Mexico, Colon, Central American and North and South Pacific ports, China, Japan, &c. An additional steamer sails on the 10th of each month f [...]
Full text:[...] 22 SOUTHAMPTON : OTHER STEAM COMPANIES. Another steam packet undertaking, purely of Southampton growth, is that of the London and South Western Company, which carries the Channel Islands mails and al [...]
Full text:[...] ad SOUTHAMPTON : take care to rescue from oblivion before all traces even of modern arrangements are forgotten. Sufficient here to say that in the time of Elizabeth—if not earlier—the chapel was assi [...]
Full text:[...] AND NEW "Messes. Adams and Stilliaed's New Premises.—The establishment in the High-street, formerly occupied by Messrs. Hyles and Son and the Southampton Regatta Club, all of whom were suddenly eject [...]
Full text:[...] It is therefore necessary to have the correct time, which you can always ensure by purchasing one of VEALE'S WELL-KNOWN 25/- SILVER WATCHES, Or one of his " Unequalled 4s. 6d. Timekeepers. ^ giwn ewr [...]
Full text:[...] IMPORTANT TO VISITORS TO SOUTHAMPTON. Visitors to Southampton and Neighbourhood CAN OBTAIN, IN LARGE OR SMALL QUANTITIES, &&& oarwmEs Am) of the finest qualities; ALSO ALES AND STOUT, IN BOTTLE OR CA [...]
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