Volumes in the collection: Southampton: Its History and Antiquities
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Full text:[...] by two Southampton merchants in the time of Henry III., the chapel being dedicated to St. Julian. Edward III. in 1332 confirmed.all the grants made to it, but two years later at the desire of Queen [...]
Full text:[...] ITS HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES. ITS ANCIENT HISTORY. Like its modern growth, to southerners accustomed to see our towns grow up only as the slow work of wages, and not with the magic-like rapidity which [...]
Full text:[...] 10 SOUTHAMPTON : known as Porter's-lane, in the rear of the Chamber of Commerce buildings, off the Town Quay, of which more anon. At the Norman invasion Southampton possessed a hero in the person of [...]
Full text:[...] weigh house, were likewise established. John's successor, Henry III. (1316-72), kept palace here; Edward I. (1272-1307) selected it as one of the seven towns in Hampshire which sent burgesses to [...]
Full text:[...] Normans, but others believe the work to be of two somewhat later periods—that of Henry III., and Edward III. The north front is especially worth notice, from its handsome design and remarkably perfect [...]
Full text:[...] but Mr. Parker thinks it more likely to have been a fine merchant's vault in the time of the Edwards ; it contains a fireplace of 14th century work. Following the wall, at the West gate there are [...]
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