Volumes in the collection: Illustrated handbook to Southampton
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Full text:[...] mate's handbook to southamtton. London and South-Western, system; but the amount of coaling to be done in the port has grown to such an extent that the Company has purchased land on the opposite bank [...]
Full text:[...] MATE'S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. Company, with 2,000,000 cubic feet of space, and fitted with the most modern machinery. There are also lairages capable of containing at least 2,000 cattle at once. Th [...]
Full text:[...] MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. in less than 25 minutes, and letters brought by her were delivered in London the same evening. Many and magnificent are the steamers which make Southampton their port [...]
Full text:[...] MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. The East of Scotland, Southampton, and Treport Steam Packet Company run a weekly steamer between Leith, Dundee, Southampton and Treport. The Cork Steamship Company des [...]
Full text:[...] AMERICAN LINE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON-NEW YORK SERVICE. SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK, calling AT SATURDAYS AT NOON. Cherbourg. Special Trains leave Waterloo Station, London, conveying Pa [...]
Full text:[...] CIk Ropal mail INCORPORATED BY ROYAL CHARTER 1839. :: Steam Packet companp. FORTNIGHTLY SAILINGS to West Indies, Central America, North and South Pacific Ports, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and the River [...]
Full text:[...] Union • Castle Cine. SOUTH AFRICAN ROYAL, MAIL) SERVISE. Bi=weekly Service from London & Southampton TO SOUTH and EAST AFRICA. LISBON, MADEIRA, GRAND CANARY, TENERIFFE, ST. HELENA, ASCENSION, CAPE CO [...]
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