Volumes in the collection: Illustrated handbook to Southampton
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Full text:[...]  MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. Cirencester (King's Head, .Fleece Hotels), known as " Cisiter' the capital of the Cotswolds," is a charming centre for excursions. The Parish Church, whose noble to [...]
Full text:[...] Southampton Ibavbouv SBoavd. Vbe 7fiopal pier, SOUTHAMPTON. ©ne of tfte Zavgest and finest pievs in tfje Soutf) of England. The splendid BANDS of the Royal Marine Artillery and Royal Marine Light In [...]
Full text:[...] While you are in England Be sure and pay a visit to BOURNEMOUTH,_ The English Riviera, and stay at he Royal AND ast It has been patronized by H.R.H. The PRINCE OF WALES, the EMPRESS EUGENIE, His Exc [...]
Full text:[...] mate's handbook to southa kf1cn. To Winchester and Newbury. Otarting from Southampton (either station), we reach ^ Eastleigh. Proceeding onwards, we have on the right Twyford, which is alike beautifu [...]
Full text:[...] I • civil, hni mi%.,, aes, HHTTERS RNTi HOSrt^v^, 10 and 19, BRIDGE STREL,, Southampton, Tailoring Department at No. 10, Bridge Street. Hat and Hosiery Department ar No. 19, Bridge Stratc (exactly o [...]
Full text:[...] J. BURBIDGE, (The Church Book Depot,) Bookseller, Stationer, and Printer. Depot of the CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY and BRITISH & FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. 6, PORTLAND STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, 200 yards from [...]
Full text:[...] D12"3t "itnampton Railway. 'iliortet OX FORI Best Kot!4 To and the north. RE R, HNO PHOOINGT0N (For the North and West End of London). 'pi,. ,, ,i(l N-wbu-j Line is the best Route from Southampton fo [...]
Full text:[...] mate s handbook to southampton. The Town Quay and Royal Pier. From the Docks we make our way along the tree-shaded, seat-provided platform towards the Royal Pier. At high tide the outlook over Southa [...]
Full text:[...] HATE'S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. away we see the moated hill of Old Sarum, the original site of the city. Anciently a British camp, it was crowned by the Norman town with its Castle and Cathedral. The [...]
Full text:[...] MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. We cross the swiftly-flowing Itchen by a bridge said to have been built by St. Swithun, and stand at the foot of St. Giles' Hill, on the brow of which the last great S [...]
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