Volumes in the collection: Illustrated handbook to Southampton
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Full text:[...] flllate'S- mndbook to Southampton, Nearing Southampton. u W e'll not be long in getting in now, sir,' says our cabin steward, "you had better get your things together. There's the cutter, and we'll p [...]
Full text:[...] MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. Scrope of Masham, and Sir Thomas Grey of Heton. They were found guilty and executed, the scene of their trial being according to tradition, the present Red Lion Inn in [...]
Full text:[...] MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. The Southampton Waterworks are the oldest in England. On October 3rd, 1420, the Friars made over their water rights to the Corporation. The original vaulted chambers c [...]
Full text:[...] MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMTTON. maritime jurisdiction of the Mayor." This now abolished' jurisdiction formerly extended from Hurst Castle to Hayling. Island. The Post Office is a handsome building in [...]
Full text:[...] MATE'S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. the villages. The return journey should be made past Vespasian's Camp and pleasant Amesbury. Messrs. T. Cook & Sons have a weekly circular tour from London, visiting t [...]
Full text:[...] mate s handbook to southampton. St. Thomas' Parish Church was built in the twelfth century, and teems with interest. The Garrison Church, which was an ancient Domus Dei, or God's House, is a perfect [...]
Full text:[...] mate's handbook to southampton. and wayside pond with its swans, will never be forgotten. Those who love to linger in a sunny spot, will appreciate sheltered Ventnor (Royal Marine, Royal, and ancient [...]
Full text:[...] MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. Now we enter the district known as the New Forest. How many associations are called up by these three words ! How gladly would we write a book and not an article in th [...]
Full text:[...] MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. •of fir trees in the Government enclosures. Badgers are becoming more scarce, but foxes and rabbits are plentiful. During the autumn you may meet droves of pigs turned [...]
Full text:[...] _ MATE S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. away to the east we see Christchurch (or Hengistbury) Head, where, according to Stowe and Speed, Hengist effected his second invasion of Britain; looking in an opp [...]
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