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Full text:[...] 22 , Continuing the walk outside the Sun Hotel, the bow window of which is built on the basement of the ancient Watch Tower, after tracing the wall through the different stores that succeed, the eye [...]
Full text:[...] 23 , The Platform next opens. It is an agreeable and extensive waterside promenade ground, overhung with rows of elms,—the aged ones on the north side of the ground marking the line of the old beach. [...]
Full text:[...] 26 either side to the Dock entrance. The channel from the mouth of the Itchen to the entrance to the Docks is dredged to the depth of 16 feet at low water springs. On leaving the Docks, and continuin [...]
Full text:[...] 32 ■vratch tower, and for defence in the same manner as that presented by machicolations. The wall then retires some distance, strengthened by heavy buttresses, and in which may also be observed the [...]
Full text:[...] 39 a Gallery for the exhibition and study of Works of Art; and a series of Class Booms. A considerable portion of the building has been erected under the supervision of the Government Department of S [...]
Full text:[...] 41 is open timber roofed, with, a rib-ceiled chancel. The chancel contains some handsome stained glass windows, representing St. Michael, St. John and St. Laurence, as well as three others of more or [...]
Full text:[...] 43 appears in the deep shadow. The Lions sejant, now standing like sentries on either hand, were formerly placed outside the ditch. Until quite recently the buttresses on either side the gateway were [...]
Full text:[...] 54 THE INFIRMARY, A large and handsome structure in the Italian style, the arrangements of which are excellent. No better situation for • patients could be imagined than this_ retired and quiet, yet [...]
Full text:[...] 63 ROMSEY Is soon entered, in a most agreeable situation, with copious streams of fresh water, and surrounded by-rich meadows, corn fields, and luxuriant woods. Here was a nunnery, of which little re [...]
Full text:[...] i 72 THE ITCHEN RIVEB Is seen here to the greatest advantage—either looking down the winding tideway to Northam and Southampton, with wooded heights and rich fields on both sides—or. wandering by the [...]
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