Volumes in the collection: Paul Brothers' Southampton Guide
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Full text:[...] 34 Adjoining these latter, in the lano leading into French-street, a piece of stone wall containing three circular arch cases is the only existing remains of the ancient Woollen Hall, which formerly [...]
Full text:[...] 2 This Roman station, or fortress, was called Clausen-turn. From it a Roman Road proceeded northward to Winchester (Yenta Belgarum), another eastward to Chichester (Regnum) ; and from the Winchester [...]
Full text:[...] 6 ploits both before and after his return to England; and the romance of " Bevis of Hamptoune," disposes of its characters in suitable deaths at the conclusion. Passing on to Norman times we find by [...]
Full text:[...] 28 email turrets and one pier. At a later period, a series of piers two feet wide and three feet three inches deep, ■were built against this wall, without regard to the previous apertures, several of [...]
Full text:[...] SURGEON DENTIST, (From London, W.) Can be consulted FREE OF CHARGE, Daily, at his 1 178, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTOlSr. IMPORTANCE QF THE TBBTH. It is impossible to urge, too strongly the vital importan [...]
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