Volumes in the collection: Paul Brothers' Southampton Guide
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Full text:[...] 15 During the contentions that ensued between the King and the Parliament, Southampton afforded a good instance of that manly independence of spirit, tempered with wise impartiality, neither supporti [...]
Full text:[...] PREFACE. In launching a NEW GUIDE to SOUTHAMPTON on the waters of public opinion, the publishers deem, that although an apology may be unnecessary, a few remarks, according to time-honoured custom, a [...]
Full text:[...] 58 PART ill. SHORT BIDES AND WALKS IN THE IMMEDIATE VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. In addition to the great beauty of their scenery, the roads from Southampton hays two great recommendations—firstly, dry r [...]
Full text:[...] 108 BISHOP'S WALTHAM, PORCHESTER, PORTSMOUTH, ETC. About seven miles east of Southampton is BOTLEY, a large village, with the remains of the ancient village and church. Five miles further is BISHOP'S [...]
Full text:[...] The Old Bee Hive Clothing Warehouse ESTABLISHED 1835. JOHN WALSH, (Late HUMBY & COMPANY.) Taikrtt, JjEattei.', luvemlo ©utfittetf, WxwjtUett AND CLOTHING MANUFACTURER, 78, 79, 80, & 81, EAST STREET, [...]
Full text:[...] THE OSFOR-D COMMERCIAL HOTEL, DINING S REFRESHMENT ROOMS, 26, Oxford Street, Southampton, (Ten Doors from the Railway Bock Station and the New General Post Office.) A Home from Home with comfort, cle [...]
Full text:[...] New Forest and Seaside !! -TTrrrtoooaotm Head Quarters Cyclist's Touring club. y-k ^SSIfZ""! -mailsissmum This Hotel is delightfully situated on the borders of the New forest, facing the Southampt [...]
Full text:[...] u-1ard room camutehoteldining s.lunchc0 fmntme DINING & LUNCHEON ROOMS Opposite Dock Gates, Southampton. HOT JOINTS ... ... from 1 to 3. CHOPS AND STEAKS- (Three Minutes walk to Station and Steamers [...]
Full text:[...] GEORGE THOMAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FISHMONGER, POTJLTBBBE,, AND yiratsrtr jgpk in ($». Hotels, Shipping and Families supplied. 1 & 2, MARKET LANE, ADJOINING THE AUDIT HOUSE, and 21, WATERLOO PLACE, [...]
Full text:[...] 101 PART IV. EXCURSIONS IN THE COUNTRY ROUND SOUTHAMPTON. We shall now give a mere outline of such excursions as can lie made to include every object of interest for many miles round Southampton, whi [...]
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