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Full text:[...] and was then visited by Queen Elizabeth. An Earl of Huntingdon converted it into a private residence, and in 1700 it was partially pulled down by a Mr. Taylor, who lost his life from a fracture of [...]
Full text:[...] 77 Pear-tree Green to Netley, and returning over the Floating Bridge. Passengers can, if they please, proceed to Netley, from the Terminus Station near the Docks, or from the Station at St. Denys to [...]
Full text:[...] down the winding tideway to Northam and Southampton, with wooded heights and rich fields on both sides—or. wandering by the canal and river, with the gushing murmur of numerous streams, salmon leaps, [...]
Full text:[...] the first turning from Eour-posts, and after passing the gardens and villas of Hill, skirts the outside of the Southampton Common, whose enclosure is _ the boundary of the Borough in this direction. On [...]
Full text:[...] 54 THE INFIRMARY, A large and handsome structure in the Italian style, the arrangements of which are excellent. No better situation for • patients could be imagined than this_ retired and quiet, yet [...]
Full text:[...] deep shadow. The Lions sejant, now standing like sentries on either hand, were formerly placed outside the ditch. Until quite recently the buttresses on either side the gateway were adorned with the [...]
Full text:[...] the centre, supported on Ionic columns, with pilasters at the angles, which are carried round the side in East-street. The interior is remarkable for its very large proportions and simple grandeur of [...]
Full text:[...] Gallery for the exhibition and study of Works of Art; and a series of Class Booms. A considerable portion of the building has been erected under the supervision of the Government Department [...]
Full text:[...] known as Peince Edwabd's, or Abundei. Toweb. # : Here the road turns up into Babgate Street, outside the wall, to the Above Bar-street, close to the Bar Gate. In passing up it, parts of the towers [...]
Full text:[...] side to the Dock entrance. The channel from the mouth of the Itchen to the entrance to the Docks is [...]
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