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Full text:[...] " Now Good Digestion wait on Appetite and Health on both."—Shakespeare. ANDRES SEEDS OFHEALTH (Graines de Saute.) ENTERED AT STATIONERS' HALL TO PREVENT IMPOSITION. Why take Purgative Medicines, the [...]
Full text:[...] Persons subject to Lumbago or Rheumatism should, if they value their Health, do the same. Persons of Sedentary Habits should never omit taking them at certain short intervals—a week at longest. Perso [...]
Full text:[...] ANDRE'S SEEDS OF HEALTH, (Graines de Sante), Are sold by the Andr£'s Seeds Company, Southampton, in Metallic Boxes, that may be carried in the pocket and so be always at hand, and which preserve thei [...]
Full text:[...] Brighton. I cannot write my name in full to a testimonial—I am too much connected in business with the medical profession—or I would like to write one in letters of gold. But I feel bound to testify [...]
Full text:[...] S. AUGUSTINE'S CHURCH. SOUTHAMPTON. All scats are free and unappropriated. The maintenance of the Services and the fabric depends entirely upon the weekly Offertories. The Church is open daily throug [...]
Full text:[...] PREFACE. In launching a NEW GUIDE to SOUTHAMPTON on the waters of public opinion, the publishers deem, that although an apology may be unnecessary, a few remarks, according to time-honoured custom, a [...]
Full text:[...] INTRODUCTION. Southampton, healthily situated as it is, at the head of the Southampton Water on a tongue of land between the rivers Itchen and Test, combines in one all that can be required either by [...]
Full text:[...] 2 This Roman station, or fortress, was called Clausen-turn. From it a Roman Road proceeded northward to Winchester (Yenta Belgarum), another eastward to Chichester (Regnum) ; and from the Winchester [...]
Full text:[...] to distinguish it from other ham-tuns, especially from the one in Mercia (Northampton) when that kingdom was annexed to Wessex in 920. 1 The site of this Saxon town has been pretty accurately ascerta [...]
Full text:[...] 21 Norman work, and it has a ponderous roof formed of chestnut beams. It formerly served as a prison for prisoners of war, whose initials are cut in the timbers, and bear witness to the weariness of [...]
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