Volumes in the collection: Paul Brothers' Southampton Guide
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Full text:[...] COUNTY OF HANTS BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY, KNOWN Ag THE COUNTY OF HANTS FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY. Ettablished March, 1850. Certified by the Registrar pursuant to 6 c£- 7 Wm. IV. cap. 32. Shares £50. Entr [...]
Full text:[...] 35 That the church is of the original length from east to west is proved by the existence of a double Norman picina in the extreme East End, and the rude massive masonry of the west wall. The large P [...]
Full text:[...] 104 and the scene of Eufus' death, where a stone still marks the site of the oak from which the fatal arrow glanced. If possible, the traveller should take rambles from the Eingwood station, along th [...]
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