Volumes in the collection: Paul Brothers' Southampton Guide
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Full text:[...] 65 market for speculators in building, and the first portion on either side already filled with houses, so that the general aspect of the Avenue has undergone a complete transformation, not for the b [...]
Full text:[...] 96 The following table will be found useful to Cyclists, and interesting to the ordinary visitor. The distance by Koad from Southampton to the principal Towns of England :— To London by Basingstoke, [...]
Full text:[...] 100 Cyclists' Excuksioks.—(Continued). Another Road to Margate Guildford, as before Dorking Westerham .. Maiditone .. Sittingbourne .. Canterbury •. Margate •• Mil. 49 13 21 21 12 20 16 To York, thro [...]
Full text:[...] 107 "WINCHESTER itself will require two trips, being •rowded with interesting objects; the Cathedral and Close, the College, Wolvesey, the old Palace (now sxtensive Barracks), Assize Courts, County M [...]
Full text:[...] 117 Holy Trinity Mission Iiall, "Winchester-street, Kingsland. Mission Hall, Ascupart-street. Primitive Methodist Chapel, South-front 7 „ . 0 ... „ HevoiBTownj^A'Brnm Plymouth Brethren, Pol\ technic [...]
Full text:[...] 119 to Shirley ; there take another for Portswood, and from Ports-wood return to the Terminus whence he started. The fares are :—From the Docks Station to Waterloo-road or Bevois Hill, 2d., or from t [...]
Full text:[...] JL S. #, HEAD, WHOLESALE & RETAIL FISH, FRUIT, AND 98, HIGH STREET STORES Broad Lane, Southampton. ALL 3CH5T3DS OF is| jfflttip Jfrait DAILY. SHOPS & SHIPPING SUPPLIED. Country Orders promptly atten [...]
Full text:[...] HUNT & CO., Waterloo Place, Southampton. LIST OF PRICES Sound Light Claret ., .. Fine Claret, Medoc .. „, Choice Claret, St. Julien Graham's Fine Port, suitable for Invalids Australian Bed Wine Choic [...]
Full text:[...] WILLIAM BURR0U6H HILL, |dT|iteet, j§m1).epr, Balm, Surveyor to Queen's College, Oxford; A) _Wgrg &#/#&%%/ CbfTgapon^wk/ dbwiuyor & Zikm/or 6bcwdy. For Fire Assessments. W AI 11 A Tl H I\I 0 I rrobate [...]
Full text:[...] SURGEON DENTIST, (From London, W.) Can be consulted FREE OF CHARGE, Daily, at his 1 178, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTOlSr. IMPORTANCE QF THE TBBTH. It is impossible to urge, too strongly the vital importan [...]
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