Volumes in the collection: Paul Brothers' Southampton Guide
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Full text:[...] u-1ard room camutehoteldining s.lunchc0 fmntme DINING & LUNCHEON ROOMS Opposite Dock Gates, Southampton. HOT JOINTS ... ... from 1 to 3. CHOPS AND STEAKS- (Three Minutes walk to Station and Steamers [...]
Full text:[...] THOMAS MIELL, JUNR., 49, BRIDGE ROAD, SOUTHAMPTON, jM&r, And Mortgage Agent. SECRETARY TO THE 157th, 433rcl, and 546th, Starr-Bowkett Building Societies, which advance the full commercial value of pr [...]
Full text:[...] GEORGE THOMAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FISHMONGER, POTJLTBBBE,, AND yiratsrtr jgpk in ($». Hotels, Shipping and Families supplied. 1 & 2, MARKET LANE, ADJOINING THE AUDIT HOUSE, and 21, WATERLOO PLACE, [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTH OF ENGLAND mm mmmmm 28, HIGH STREET, (Next door to the " Hants Advertiser" Office), SOUTHAMPTON. M it. & K. W tt ITLOC K. SURGEON-DENTIST, (From London), Invites Special Attention to his PRIZE [...]
Full text:[...] PART I. A 6H0KT HISTOEY OF SOUTHAMPTON. Without going back to those pre-historie times, of which we know so little, when the Southampton Estuary was only a river, whose mighty waters rolled their tid [...]
Full text:[...] 2 This Roman station, or fortress, was called Clausen-turn. From it a Roman Road proceeded northward to Winchester (Yenta Belgarum), another eastward to Chichester (Regnum) ; and from the Winchester [...]
Full text:[...] to distinguish it from other ham-tuns, especially from the one in Mercia (Northampton) when that kingdom was annexed to Wessex in 920. 1 The site of this Saxon town has been pretty accurately ascerta [...]
Full text:[...] 6 ploits both before and after his return to England; and the romance of " Bevis of Hamptoune," disposes of its characters in suitable deaths at the conclusion. Passing on to Norman times we find by [...]
Full text:[...] strengthened the walls of the town. There appears, however, to have been but one gate on the landward side, the Bar Q ate ; and that on the water side the defences partly depended on a series of stro [...]
Full text:[...] 8 Harbour beyond Portsmouth eastward, and to Hurst Castle beyond Lymington westward, and more than half-way across the Solent channel. Whether John, whilst here, abode in the Castle or in the Palaces [...]
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