Volumes in the collection: Paul Brothers' Southampton Guide
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Full text:[...] CARTE DK VISITES, it- Half Dozen. 6/6 Dozen, CABINET, 3/6 First Copy, 6/- Three Copies-10/- Six Copies. PWOCRAPHIC ART!ST\ 4, Bernard Si PICTURE FRAMES Of Every Description MADE ON THE PREMISES. [...]
Full text:[...] PAUL BROTHERS' HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE GUIDE to SOUTHAMPTON AND THE SURROUNDING COUNTRY, containing an account of the Antiquities, Streets, Public Buildings, Parks, amd Every Object of Interest in [...]
Full text:[...] Established 1794, FIRST-GLAS8 JEWELLERY, HIGHLY FINISHED WATCHES, Staqliog SiWei( m9Ct#-3flato, (BEST MANUFACTURE) FOR NINE DECADES ZTo. 151, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, Has maintained a preeminence fo [...]
Full text:[...] 64 THE AVENUE AND COMMON, OE THE UPPER WINCHESTER ROAD. Prom the end of the Above Bar-street, we enter by the left road tho AVENUE, which consisted for nearly half-a-mile of magnificent elm trees, ab [...]
Full text:[...] 19 PART II. PERAMBULATION 0® THE PRINCIPAL STREETS IN THE TOWN AND ITS SUBURBS. THE ROAD BY THE QUAYS Connects the Pier, Terminus, Docks, and Floating Bridge, and running nearly due east, will be fir [...]
Full text:[...] 65 market for speculators in building, and the first portion on either side already filled with houses, so that the general aspect of the Avenue has undergone a complete transformation, not for the b [...]
Full text:[...] 81 The west end is less perfect, though grand, and the masses of fallen masonry, whose cement is as hard as the stone itself, are very picturesque. The Lady Chapel occupies the aisle on the east side [...]
Full text:[...] 33 BUGLE AND FRENCH STREETS, SAINT MICHAEL'S-SQUARE, ETC. BUGLE-STREET Leaves the Quay at the store already described. Closely adjoining the latter are the house and gardens of the Gxammae School (se [...]
Full text:[...] 39 a Gallery for the exhibition and study of Works of Art; and a series of Class Booms. A considerable portion of the building has been erected under the supervision of the Government Department of S [...]
Full text:[...] 47 The newly-built church of Sr. ANDREW Is conspicious, belonging to the Scotch Presbyterians, and the road in front of it leads to Charlotte place. The road on the northern side of this park leads t [...]
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