Volumes in the collection: Paul Brothers' Southampton Guide
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Full text:[...] 14 Europe, whilst Hull was to have been that for the northern countries: his death, however terminated the project. In July, 1554, Philip of Spain arrived here with a fleet, which is said to have num [...]
Full text:[...] 45 the ejection of the Nonconforming ministers, though its rapid enlargement commenced from the period of its pulpit being filled by the ejected vicar of All Saints. A little farther on is the Eoyal [...]
Full text:[...] 52 The foundation stone was laid'by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales on Monday, August 12th, 1878, and it is now, with the exception of the spire, almost completed. It is one of the finest pari [...]
Full text:[...] 64 THE AVENUE AND COMMON, OE THE UPPER WINCHESTER ROAD. Prom the end of the Above Bar-street, we enter by the left road tho AVENUE, which consisted for nearly half-a-mile of magnificent elm trees, ab [...]
Full text:[...] 96 The following table will be found useful to Cyclists, and interesting to the ordinary visitor. The distance by Koad from Southampton to the principal Towns of England :— To London by Basingstoke, [...]
Full text:[...] 101 PART IV. EXCURSIONS IN THE COUNTRY ROUND SOUTHAMPTON. We shall now give a mere outline of such excursions as can lie made to include every object of interest for many miles round Southampton, whi [...]
Full text:[...] MONEY ADVANCED! THE COUNTY OF SOUTHAMPTON m Iltrnriramt qr Advnnco Money in Gnma from to jB5,000 (repayable by Monthly or Quarterly Instalment), to enable Members to Become Owners instead of being Re [...]
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