Volumes in the collection: Letters on the Observance of the Sabbath
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Full text:[...] ADDRESS. It will perhaps be necessary that the author of the present production should offer some reason for venturing out of what may be considered his legitimate sphere in treating upon the subject [...]
Full text:[...] But, Mr. Editor, the poor themselves will eventually be the greatest sufferers by this sad change, for no sooner will the revolution be fairly brought about, than monied men will avail themselves of [...]
Full text:[...] are their executive—in point of fact, the men they have choaen to conduct their business, and are so far the exponents of their views and wishes as to how such business shall be most beneficially and [...]
Full text:[...] (in tbf (LHsrrbancf of the To the EDITOR of the " HAMPSHIRE INDEPENDENT.' Me. Editob, Were I to undertake to show the obligation upon all Christians to keep holy the Lord's-day, it would be a work of [...]
Full text:[...] iii the great vortex of excitement. How necessary, then, that the sacred-ness of the Sabbath should be observed, and kept free for quiet thought and repose, and attendance upon those means of grace w [...]
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