Volumes in the collection: The Ladies' College, Southampton
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Full text:[...] [ 5 ] APPENDIX. With the view of corroborating the statement made in the foregoing prospectus as to the generally inefficient character of the education of girls in the middle and upper classes, the [...]
Full text:[...] [ 4 ] (6.) To receive information free of charge with regard to the qualifications of governesses and other persons whom the Association may hereafter register for the purpose of employment; or with [...]
Full text:[...] [ 3 ] connected with the Hartley Institution, a body of gentlemen whose services are available for the purpose of carrying on the more advanced studies of the College on terms that would be impractic [...]
Full text:[...] [ 2 ] fairly efficient education at a moderate cost, the private-adventure schools for the education of girls of a corresponding social position, conducted in many cases as a mere commercial speculat [...]
Full text:[...] [ 4 ] Resident Students.—Under 13 years of age, £16 16s. for each of the winter and spring terms, and £18 18s. for the autumn term ; above 13 years of age, £19 19s. for each of the winter and spring [...]
Full text:[...] [ 3 ] GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS. The Students of the College will be of two kinds, and occcmoW. Hampshire Association for Promoting Female Education. approval of the Managing Committee. SSS® —•—SHrSSSr A [...]
Full text:[...] [ 2 ] The object of the College is to provide for the daughters of gentlemen an efficient and graduated course of study, which, whilst it affords them the mental culture essential to the character of [...]
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