Volumes in the collection: The Ladies' College, Southampton
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Full text:[...] for first-rate schools in Manchester seem moderate compared with those of the most fashionable London or Brighton Schools, but they make a girl's education nearly twice as expensive as that far more [...]
Full text:[...] [ 5 ] APPENDIX. With the view of corroborating the statement made in the foregoing prospectus as to the generally inefficient character of the education of girls in the middle and upper classes, the [...]
Full text:[...] College for the education of Girls, on very much the same plan as those which have been founded in London and several of the provincial towns, in which a complete and graduated course of study, conducted [...]
Full text:[...] [ 4 ] Resident Students.—Under 13 years of age, £16 16s. for each of the winter and spring terms, and £18 18s. for the autumn term ; above 13 years of age, £19 19s. for each of the winter and spring [...]
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