Volumes in the collection: Relics of Old Southampton
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Full text:[...] 14 THE OPENING CEREMONY. works of Brannon, the maps and engravings, letters of great interest, the Corporation plate, and the memorials of Isaac Watts and Charles Dibdin. His lordship also made some [...]
Full text:[...] PREHISTORIC REMAINS. 28 near Eastleigh, and the bronze rivets which fastened on the handle of. wood or horn were found in place. There are spear heads from. St. Uenys, and an interesting series of so [...]
Full text:[...] 44 ETCHINGS. 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 314a 315 Mr. R. M. Lucas. West Gate, by R.M.L (water colour). The Undercroft (sepia), by R. M. Lucas ; scheme suggested m [...]
Full text:[...] 82 THE STREETS AND ROADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. THE STREETS AND ROADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. By T. W. SHORE, Hon. Organising Secretary of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society; Hon. Organisin [...]
Full text:[...] TIIE STREETS AND ROADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. 91 old Southampton, is the varied nature of the material with which they were mended. Some of these stones were local, such as flints, shingle, grey-wether [...]
Full text:[...] 100 ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. By R. MACDONALD LUCAS, Bargate Chambers, Southampton. Southampton is so rich in buildings of archaeological rather than of strictly archi [...]
Full text:[...] 120 A WALK BOUND THE OLD WALLS OF SOUTHAMPTON. Passing down Portland Street we shall arrive on the scene represented in our next slide. This depicts one of the recreations for which 18th century Sout [...]
Full text:[...] 122 A WALK. BOUND THE OLD WALLS OF SOUTHAMPTON. Corporation, £16 being paid by the Commissioners of Pavement for the permission. Leaving the town by this gate, a short walk brings us to Cross House, [...]
Full text:[...] PATRONS. HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON, K.G., President of the Hartley University College. THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF NORTHBROOK, G.C.S.I., D.C.L., F.R.S. Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire. THE RIGHT H [...]
Full text:[...] CRADLE OF HENRY V. 37 146 (i) (2) In connec'. ion with this exhibit should be noted The Stone Cannon Balls from the Hartley College Museum. These were dredged from the mud in the neighbourhood of the [...]
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