Volumes in the collection: Relics of Old Southampton
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Full text:[...]  LIST OF WRITERS OF THE INTRODUCTORY SKETCHES. W. D. ... F. J. C. H. W. B. H. W. F. M. H. R. T. W. S. S. S. H. G. T D. de V. William Dale, F.S.A. F. J. C. Hearnshaw, M.A., LL.M. William Burrough Hill [...]
Full text:[...] PAINTINGS. 43 Free Library— 252 On the Itchen at Woodmill— C. F. Williams. 253 Tree Study in the New Forest— 251 The Domed Sky, Bitterne— „ 255 Southampton, from Hythe Shore— ,, 256 Bitterne, after S [...]
Full text:[...] |ps ON THE ANTIQUITIES SHOWN IN THE FRONTISPIECE. By E. M. LUCAS. ALL SAINTS' CHURCH, High Street. Designed by Reveley : built 1794. Fine cupola at E. end. Ceiling 6t feet span. Monument by Flaxman. [...]
Full text:[...] %To Southampton, Old Town, strong-stationed where the yearning Sea Flows in to meet his Rivers, where the Shore Is clad in forest-verdure evermore, And where the Suns are warm, the Breezes free. Gre [...]
Full text:[...] PROGRAMME. 61 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th. IO.O—EXHIBITION OPEN. Visit of the Hampshire Field Club and Archteological Society. 12.0—LECTURE : " Streets and Roads of Old Southampton." By MR. T. W. SHORE, [...]
Full text:[...] 46 PBINT8. 359 Steel Engraving of Ivy Cottage, Itchen Ferry. jfr. J. Docom&a. 360 Engraving, Bargate. Southampton, by T. S. Seed. 361 Engraving, Water Gate, by T. S. Seed. Z%6 jPYee 362 Bnrsledon Com [...]
Full text:[...] 150 SOME GREAT EVENTS. of years, yet there are very few traces of the early centuries of their settlement, and we know much less of them and of their life in this neighbourhood from actual remains th [...]
Full text:[...] DBA WINGS. 45 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 Mr. C J. 'Hair. Sketch showing proposed Houses over Undercroft. Mr. Burrough Bill. Opening of the largest Graving Dock in the World at Southampton. Group of [...]
Full text:[...] CONTENTS. 19.—Southampton as connected with the late South African War 20.—Maps, Plans, and Facsimiles produced at Ordnance Survey Office, South = ampton 21.—Objects connected with Southampton in mor [...]
Full text:[...] 158 SOME GKEAT EVENTS. of rational treatment in medical cases. The custom was, when a house was stricken with plague, to shut it up, compelling- all the inhabitants to live there imprisoned till all [...]
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