Volumes in the collection: Relics of Old Southampton
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Full text:[...] 12 THE OPENING CEREMONY. ancient and modern—both of this borough and this county. This is not an exhibition which is to be merely examined with pleasurable curiosity and then forgotten. It will, if i [...]
Full text:[...] 104 ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. liill is behind Albion Place in the north-west, quarter of a mile from Polymond's Tower. And it does not seem reasonable to suppose that in 1880 our present " Castle [...]
Full text:[...] THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON. 79 Refugee families, and three of these were actually resident in Southampton or its neighbourhood. Their names were Adam de Cardonnel, Elias de Grouchy and Claude B [...]
Full text:[...] 90 THE STREETS AND ROADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. What can I say of Lord's lane the ancient name for Blue Anchor lane, and the remains at its lower end of its old portcullis grooves, or the Biddlesgate at [...]
Full text:[...] NOTE INTRODUCTORY TO THE CATALOGUE. «t*HE compilers of this Catalogue, as they send the last sheets of it to press, are overwhelmed with a sense of its defects Not only have they had to prepare most [...]
Full text:[...] THE STREETS AND BO ADS OP OLD SOUTHAMPTON". 99 where he conducted a brilliant march through the enemy's country to the relief of the Duke of York. Anglesea Place was named after the Marquis of Angles [...]
Full text:[...]  132 LITERATURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. when we consider the nature of the warfare they were designed to sustain, we shall readily grant that they were put forth for a just and righteous purpose, and shall n [...]
Full text:[...] 84 TI-IE STREETS AND ROADS OE OLD SOUTHAMPTON. Anglo Saxon relics have been found, may be ascribed to that age. The Saxon moot place on the Common also certainly had a path leading to it, and that pa [...]
Full text:[...] OS THE STREETS AND EOADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. way you may still see the letters T. M., and the date 1644. They are the initials of Thomas Mason, the Mayor in that year. The decay of the town was so gr [...]
Full text:[...] LITERATURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. 129 and metaphor, phrase and expression, invocations and apostrophes, are obviously not so much Miltonian as borrowed directly, even if unconsciously, from the great Epic o [...]
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