Volumes in the collection: Relics of Old Southampton
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Full text:[...] SOME GREAT EVENTS. 155 1 must now, and V 1 Jumping o'er times " " Turning the accomplishment of many years Into an hour glass," come to 1415, the date of Henry the Fifth's invasion of France. For fiv [...]
Full text:[...] THE DAWN OF HISTORY IN SOUTHAMPTON. 147 Kaer-peris, now Porcestre, and presently levelled the walls, and having reduced the citizens to subjection, went after Aiviragus, who had entered Winchester. A [...]
Full text:[...] DAWN OF HISTORY IN SOUTHAMPTON. 143 these people has been underestimated, and that the mistake arose from a comparison drawn by the Romans with themselves. The established history of this ancient bor [...]
Full text:[...] 142 THE DAWN OF HISTORY IN SOUTHAMPTON. THE DAWN OF HISTORY IN SOUTHAMPTON. By CHARLES COOKSEY. There is a phrase familiar to all of you "The Path of History." It is along that path I shall ask you t [...]
Full text:[...] EAELS 01? SOUTHAMPTON. 141 dissipation of Court life, amid the trouble his intrigue cost him, in the distraction of war and travel, this Earl never ceased to cherish a passion for literature. He outl [...]
Full text:[...] EA.KLS OF SOUTHAMPTON. 1S9 Southampton never ceased to cherish his passion for books, which was implanted in him from childhood, and brought him the personal intimacy of Shakespeare. A valuable colle [...]
Full text:[...] 136 EARLS OF SOUTHAMPTON. Hook. In 1523 he refers to Cromwell as his master, and ingratiated himself with King Henry, as he expresses it, " by his labour in the King's great business," mostly relatin [...]
Full text:[...] earls or southampton. 135 his office as Lord Admiral of England." Detained at Calais by bad weather for fifteen days, Fitzwilliam beguiled the time by teaching the Princess to play at cards ; he wrot [...]
Full text:[...] 134 EARLS OF SOUTHAMPTON. he was sent to France regarding the marriage of the Duke of Angouleme, the French King's son, with the Princess Elizabeth. He was on the Council in 1536 with regard to the c [...]
Full text:[...]  132 LITERATURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. when we consider the nature of the warfare they were designed to sustain, we shall readily grant that they were put forth for a just and righteous purpose, and shall n [...]
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