Volumes in the collection: Relics of Old Southampton
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Full text:[...] THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON. 71 at the time when the verdict was given against the conspirators. A tablet to their memory was placed on the North Wall of the Chapel by John Lord Delawarr, who di [...]
Full text:[...] 74 THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON. IV. THE DEATHS. On May 17th, 1570, occurs this entry : " Jerome Dentierre, a young fellow (Jeusne Compaignon), a native of Vanbrechie, near Lille, in Flanders. He [...]
Full text:[...] 76 THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON was held in this Church, by command of the King, as also in all the English Churches, in order to beseech the Lord to abate His wrath, and to make His judgments to [...]
Full text:[...] TIIE STREETS AND ROADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. 91 old Southampton, is the varied nature of the material with which they were mended. Some of these stones were local, such as flints, shingle, grey-wether [...]
Full text:[...] 94 THE STBEETS AND EOADS OP OLD SOUTHAMPTON. 1770, and under its provisions a great improvement was made in the thoroughfares. The streets rose a little higher and the doors of the old Norman vaults [...]
Full text:[...] THE STREETS AND KOADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. 95 ironstained sandstone of the Bagshot geological age, not good enough for building purposes. The mount went first and then the rocklike mass below, as I sa [...]
Full text:[...] 98 THE STREETS AND ROADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. search of the picturesque." William Curtis, the distinguished botanist of this period, and Latham the distinguished ornethologist, were Hampshire resident [...]
Full text:[...] ]26 LITERATUBE IN SOUTHAMPTON. horse Arundel is found dead in the stable, and Bevis and Josian die in each other's arms. The story, as a story, is of French origin. Whether any early Saxon hero, any [...]
Full text:[...] 28 MIDDLE AGES. Mr. E. F. Harmer. 55 Cannon Ba'l, cast iron, Dug up inside the walls on the site of the Artisan Dwellings. Hartley University College. 56 Ancient Bronze Figure of a Stag, found in a m [...]
Full text:[...] (I) 2) 34 CORPORATION PLATE. (rf) The Fourth Mace is 12J inches long. It very closely resembles the last example in form and fashion, but retains its original flat end, with a crowned shield of the S [...]
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