Volumes in the collection: Relics of Old Southampton
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Hearnshaw, Fossey John Cobb
Full text:[...] 32 BOROUGH DOCUMENTS. The largest number of entries are quit claims, and conveyances of land so numerous that it would hardly be a difficult matter to compile a directory of the town, say in the time [...]
Full text:[...] ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. 103 filled up and rendered invisible, is now easily seen from the street. Judging- from the extent to which the loop-holes have been damaged, a great many arrows must hav [...]
Full text:[...] THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON. 73 her transgression, and has promised to make public acknowledgment of it whenever called upon to do so." In 1583, July 7th, appears one of many entries relating to [...]
Full text:[...] SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES. 00 son of Alice Fortin, in the parish of St. Laurence, situated between the messuage lately belonging to William de Sancto Laurencio, and the messuage of Bartholomew Hay, in Engl [...]
Full text:[...] 106 ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. happily, time for further consideration of the subject was gained, and the Committee came to see that after all the straight building line was not an essential of the [...]
Full text:[...] ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. 107 very graceful and flowing lines suggestive of the French Flamboyant Style of Gothic. The original Church stood in the middle of the street, and the foundations of the [...]
Full text:[...] 52 SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES. The Stone Heart-Coffin found at Beaulieu Abbey. (See Catalogue No. 85). One of the most interesting Exhibits is a small block of stone, coffin-like in form, with two heart-sha [...]
Full text:[...] LOCAL TOKENS. 39 Miss E. Stevens. 191 " The Civil Wars of Southampton." A Book dealing with Local Conflicts, 1794. 192 193 194 195 X.—Local Tokens. Tokens of Hampshire and Southampton. The issue of t [...]
Full text:[...] THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON. 69 THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON. By WILLIAM W. PORTAL, M.A. (Oxon), D.L., J.P., F.S.A., Vice-Chairman of the Hampshire County Council and Vice-President of the H [...]
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