Volumes in the collection: Relics of Old Southampton
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Full text:[...] 100 ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. By R. MACDONALD LUCAS, Bargate Chambers, Southampton. Southampton is so rich in buildings of archaeological rather than of strictly archi [...]
Full text:[...] 106 ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. happily, time for further consideration of the subject was gained, and the Committee came to see that after all the straight building line was not an essential of the [...]
Full text:[...] ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. 107 very graceful and flowing lines suggestive of the French Flamboyant Style of Gothic. The original Church stood in the middle of the street, and the foundations of the [...]
Full text:[...] ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. 109 of their forefathers' skill. Such houses among many others are Bugle House in Bugle Street, No. 15, Hanover Buildings, No. L, High Street, said to have been for a tim [...]
Full text:[...] PREHISTORIC TIMES. 113 PRE HISTORIC TIMES IN SOUTHAMPTON. By WILLIAM DALE, F.6.S., P.S.A., Hon. General Secretary of the Hampshire Field Club. The task I have prescribed for myself is, in as few word [...]
Full text:[...] 114 PEEHISTOKIC TIMES. been using. If you go into a stonemason's yard and examine the fragments that lie on the ground, you can tell what kind of stone the stonemason has been hewing. Nature is our w [...]
Full text:[...] LITERATURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. 123 LITERATURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. By Bev. W. E. ASHDOWN, B.A., President of the Southampton Literary and Philosophical Society. In undertaking the task of speaking on Southamp [...]
Full text:[...] 124 LITERATURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. Southampton took its part in many stirring events in our island's history. To say nothing of earlier times, Roman or Saxon, it was one of the most frequented and noted [...]
Full text:[...] LITEBATUfiE IN SOUTHAMPTON. 125 spouse. Beves, at this time, a boy of seven, is also in danger, but is finally sold for a large sum to heathen merchants, who take him and present him to King Ermin of [...]
Full text:[...] ]26 LITERATUBE IN SOUTHAMPTON. horse Arundel is found dead in the stable, and Bevis and Josian die in each other's arms. The story, as a story, is of French origin. Whether any early Saxon hero, any [...]
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