Volumes in the collection: Relics of Old Southampton
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Full text:[...] ´╗┐THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON. 71 at the time when the verdict was given against the conspirators. A tablet to their memory was placed on the North Wall of the Chapel by John Lord Delawarr, who di [...]
Full text:[...] Organising Secretary of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, I can tell you from personal knowledge, that any motion in the Common Council of London to change these old names -would meet [...]
Full text:[...] to Dr. Watts hymns of such power as "0 God, our help m ages past. " Come let us join our elieerful songs." " .Tesus shall reign where'er the sun." " Before Jehovah's awful throne." " There in a land of [...]
Full text:[...] ´╗┐PREHISTORIC REMAINS 21 Catalogue of ffijrbtbtts. I__Relics of Prehistoric Times. The science of Prehistoric Archaeology is one whose birth is comparatively recent. Its object is to throw light upon t [...]
Full text:[...] brethren-daie of Julie 1612." This Book was new bound in the year 1733. Camden's Britannia (Gibson's Trans., 1695), containing description of Southampton in Queen Elizabeth's reign. EngleHeld's " [...]
Full text:[...] warriors " Who hang their trophies o'er the garden gate." Here he brought his wife, Anastasia Robinson, the prima-donna in the opera of her time. Here came James Thomson, the poet, author of " The [...]
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