Volumes in the collection: 'Here, look after him': los niños, refugee children from the Spanish Civil War
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Full text:[...] [The romantic bull, a drama with ... zeal, blood and more], a one act play, presented for the first time at the colony at Carshalton, 25 December [...]
Full text:[...] boat and were ushered downstairs into a vast hall already full of children. We knew no-one. The first night on the boat was dreadful. A girl cried and called on and on that the captain should be told [...]
Full text:[...] feat as the logistics of bringing 4,000 children from a war zone to Hampshire had been in the first place. The children themselves were a superlative attraction, and their willingness to help their [...]
Full text:[...] Escolar de Euzkadi. The FUE was a left-wing/Republican student group (founded during the First Republic, outlawed during the dictatorship and resurrected during the Second Republic), which had [...]
Full text:[...] I said before, we are living in tents, just like in a movie; it's better organised than it was at first, in any case I miss the food a lot Here the food is almost always cold: sausages, chilled meat, [...]
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