Volumes in the collection: 'Here, look after him': los niños, refugee children from the Spanish Civil War
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Full text:[...] A fundraising fete at one of the colonies, Bray Court, Maidenhead, Saturday 16 July 1938. The home at Bray Court was in the charge of a Berkshire Council committee, which had separate appeal committee [...]
Full text:[...] Evacuation and arrival in Britain: the camp at North Stoneham Once it had been agreed that children could be evacuated to Britain, the Basque Children's Committee was created to co-ordinate their car [...]
Full text:[...] 'Here, look after him': los ninos, refugee children from the On 23 May 1937, the SS Habana docked in Southampton. The ship was carrying some 4,000 children — los ninos — from Spain, fleeing civil war. [...]
Full text:[...] Funding the ninos Substantial voluntary support was necessary to finance the ninos in this country. The accounts of the National Joint Committee for Spanish Relief (12) show that by 1939 some £165,00 [...]
Full text:[...] Colonies The camp at North Stoneham was a temporary solution, and was used for four months. Children were then dispersed around the country to more than 100 colonies, often large houses, run by local [...]
Full text:[...] Return and commemoration The Spanish children came to Britain 'only for three months' and many fully expected to return very promptly. Although most children went back, either to Spain or to be reuni [...]
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