Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/12 Annual report 1889-90
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Full text:[...] at Tangier. Taking advantage of the visit to England, after his recovery from a severe illness, of Sir William Kirby Green, Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier, the Conjoint Committee addressed a letter [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 115 MANCHESTER BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. E. M. Henkiqites, Esq., J.P., President, Tower Grange, Broughton Park. m. schlesing-eb, Esq., Treasurer, Grove House, Plymouth Grove. Rev. L. M. sim [...]
Full text:[...] 10 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. I.—BRANCHES. Great activity has been displayed by several of the Branches. Through the energy of Mr. A. Lyons, of Swansea, and of the Rev. A. T. Boas, of Adelaide, the Bra [...]
Full text:[...] A. E. Goldsjiid. F. B. Halford, Esq. Joseph Jacobs, Esq., B.A.. L. A. Lawrence, Esq. Rev. A. Lowy. Sir Philip Magnus. Lionel E. Pyke, Esq., LL.B. D. F. Schloss, Esq. Leopold Sciiloss, Esq. I. Seligman, [...]
Full text:[...] 20 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. the town, and known as the tomb of Joshua, the Governor having given his authorisation for the interment to take place in this shrine. The Chief of Police on being informe [...]
Full text:[...] in his dominions through the establishment of secular and religious schools. His Majesty desired it to be known that the humblest of his subjects had the right to appear before him, and to make [...]
Full text:[...] 110 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. LIVERPOOL BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. b. l. benas, Esq., j.p., President. j. samuel, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. H. M. sllveb, Eon. Secretary. COMMITTEE. Alfred L. Benas, Esq. L [...]
Full text:[...] 18 nineteenth annual report. the aid of documentary evidence will the absurd statements circulated about the Jews be corrected, such as that the Jews are all modern immigrants, that their number is ex [...]
Full text:[...] turkey. 19 the following day, when it was resolved to address the following memorial to the Marquis of Salisbury:—■ The Eight Honourable The Marquis of Salisbury, KG., Secretary of State for Forei [...]
Full text:[...] 22 nineteenth annual report. plicifcy in disturbances at the funeral of the Rabbi in the course of last summer. The Conjoint Committee thereupon sent the following memorial to the Secretary of State f [...]
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