Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/12 Annual report 1889-90
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Full text:[...] APPENDIX A—PROCEEDINGS AT ANNUAL MEETING. 47 in the different parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa with which we have to deal, and I gladly turn from this painful and sad picture to the report dealing wi [...]
Full text:[...] 50 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. be elected as Members of the Council for the ensuing two years :— Mr. M. Aflalo. Mr. Lazare Allatini. Mr. J. Bergtheil. Mr. M. Castello. Mr. E. H. d'Avigdor. Dr. Maurice D [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX B.—SPEECHES DELIVERED AT THE DINNER. 51 and of him I may say that there is no man who ever left the House of Commons who left behind him so many friends and so few enemies. (Applause.) Sir Jo [...]
Full text:[...] 52 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. members you are able to make yourselves heard, and can bring your influence to bear on the British Parliament. You are able wherever the Jew is oppressed, in whatever coun [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX B.—SPEECHES DELIVERED AT THE DINNER. 53 conceal tlie rest. (Laughter). I wish I could feel sure that the English Parliament, speaking both for the House of Lords and the House of Commons, was [...]
Full text:[...] 54 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Francis Goldsmid, of whom Mr. Mundella has so kindly spoken, by Dr. Beniscli, by Sir John Simon, and by many anxious workers known to most of you. The Association was form [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OP MEMBERS. - 4 London-—cont. £ *Goldsmid, Miss Isabel, 20, Portman-square. W. . . 5 *Goldsmid, Miss Flora, ditto . 5 *Goldsmid, Miss Emma, ditto 5 *Goldsmid, Sir Julian, Bart., M.P., 105, Piccad [...]
Full text:[...] 78 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. Henry, Miss, 110, Wectbourne- terrace, W..... Henry, Alfred S., Esq., ditto . Henry, James L., Esq., ditto . Henry, C. S., Esq., 12, Jewin- crescent, E.G. Hen [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OP MEMBERS. 81 s. d. 5 0 5 0 5 0 I/ONDOK'—Cotlt. £ Magnus, J., Esq., 31, Arundel- square......0 Magnus, Mrs. J., ditto . . 0 Magnus, N., Esq., ditto . . 0 Magnus, Sir Philip, 48, Gloucester-place [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 83 London—cont. Pollak, J., Esq., 8, Drapers'- gardens, E.G. Pool, E. S., Esq., 38, Gros- venor-road, N. Posener, Adolphe, Esq., CI, Mansell-street, E. Prins, H., Esq., 92, Newington [...]
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