Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/12 Annual report 1889-90
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Full text:[...] 24 nineteenth annual eepoet. Jewish Communities throughout Turkey to those holy places which undoubtedly belong to them. Under these circumstances, we earnestly ask that your Lordship will be pleased [...]
Full text:[...] 64 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. knowledge of the Hebrew their pupils to get a sound language. Mr. Bloch, the principal of the Camondo School in Haskeui, is the Inspector of the Alliance Schools, which he [...]
Full text:[...] appendix c.—the jews of constantinople. 67 adhere to their religious rites, a special saloon being assigned to them which they use both for the performance of divine service and as a refectory. A pa [...]
Full text:[...] TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. Alphabetical Index to Localities where the Anglo-Jewish Association has Branches, Agencies, Committees, and Members :— Adelaide, 91 ; Bagdad, 72; Ballarat, 92; Barberton, [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX B.—SPEECHES DELIVERED AT THE DINNER. 57 direction, the result being that we have all the work of Clerk and Secretary done, and the rent of offices paid out of a sum of about £350 a year. Abo [...]
Full text:[...] 86 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cord. £/ St lit Woolf, Albert, Esq., 1A, Marl- borough-place, N.W. . .050 Woolf, Mortimer, Esq., 3, Acol-road, Kilburn, N.W. .050 Woolf, Sidney, Esq., Q.C., 7, King [...]
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