Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/11 Annual report 1888-9
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Full text:[...] 58 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Liiwy, Ernest D., Esq., Ill, Priory-road, N.W. . .11 Lublin, Mrs., 1, Stanhope- ter, Gloucester- gate, jST.W. 0 6 Lucas, Mrs. Henry, 46, Gloucester-sq [...]
Full text:[...] 62 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Selinger, Sidney, Esq., 108, Wilberforce-road, is. . .110 Selinger, Siegfried, Esq., 08, Milton-street, Eore-street . 0 10 0 Siehel, G., Esq., 153, A [...]
Full text:[...] appendix a.—proceedings at annual meeting. 37 APPENDIX A. PROCEEDINGS AT THE ANNUAL MEETING OP THE ASSOCIATION Held under the Presidency of Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., M.P., on June 24th, 1888. The [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX A.- -PEOCEEDINGS AT ANNUAL MEETING. 39 enforced. During the last year, however, the number of foreign. Jews increased so rapidly all over South Russia that the Government felt itself compelle [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 71 Birmingham—cont. Rubenstien, Mrs., Newtown- road..... Samuel, J., Esq., Edgbaston- street ..... Samuel, P. L., Esq., West Bromwich .... Samuel, Mrs., 1G, Duchess-road Scott, M,, Esq., 39, [...]
Full text:[...] 76 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. CARDIFF BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. J. mlchaelson, Esq., President. I. Samuel, Esq., Treasurer. Harry Samuel, Esq., Hon. Secretary. Blaiberg, I., Esq. . Eollick, C., Esq. [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. Dols. Ct. Montreal—cont. Scherman, J., Esq. Schloman, M., Esq. Schwob, Moi'se, Esq. . Ship, E., Esq. Silverman, Lyon, Esq. Solo, S., Esq. 1 Dol. 25 Cts. is equivalent to 5s. sterling. Teichm [...]
Full text:[...] 110 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Sydney—cont. Goldstein, A., Esq. . Goldstein, N., Esq. . Goodman, S. L., Esq. G-otthelf, D., Esq. . Gotthelf, M., Esq. . Goulston, M., Esq. . Hart, Mrs..... Himmeloch. I. [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OP MEMBERS. 49 EGYPT. Alexandria. Pebpetual Members. £ i 20 Aghion, Bolior, Esq. Aghion, Moise, Esq. Aghion, David, Esq. Aghion, Joseph I., Esq.) Naggiar, Jacques, Esq. . j Aghion, Rahmin, Esq. . [...]
Full text:[...] 56 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. cl. Jonas, Jonah, Esq., 9, Bedford- square, W.G. . . .050 Jonas, Maurice, Esq., ditto .050 Jonas, J., Esq., 115, Sutherland- avenue, W.....0 5 0 Joseph, [...]
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