Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/10 Annual report 1887-8
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Full text:[...] appendix b.—jews in their various habitations. 57 this rabbi receives is little less than servile ; the faith which his name inspires is proved by the contributions which are offered to him by the mul [...]
Full text:[...] RETROSPECT. 9 large scale have taken place in Odessa, NicolaiefF, and other districts, and have caused terrible misery among the victims. The restrictions imposed on the Jewish natives in Russia with [...]
Full text:[...] 24 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. of non-Mahommedan bodies, even more than at present, to the rapacity and barbarity of the Moorish authorities. In respectfully submitting our views to your Lordship, we c [...]
Full text:[...] 34 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. the last University Convocation. He is the first Beni Israel who has passed from the Grant Medical College. In the last seven years five Beni Israel students had graduate [...]
Full text:[...] 52 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. large part of the commerce of the country, developing its resources, hut at the same time arousing the jealousy which success in trade and the creation of capital usually [...]
Full text:[...] 104 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Edinburgh—cont. £ s. d. Eprile, R., Esq., 30, Montague- street .....0 5 0 Franklin, B., Esq., 89, St. Leonard's-street . . .050 Furst, Rev. J., Ross House, 7, Park-place [...]
Full text:[...] 58 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. nearly 50,000,000 inhabitants, of whom about 600,000 are Jews, two-thirds of whom arc in the Kingdom of Prussia, and there again in greater proportion in the Duchy of Pos [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 107 Glasgow—cont. £ s. d. Louis, John,Esq., 138,Broomie- law-streei' . . . .050 Miohaelson, M., Esq., 5, Wood- side-plaee . . . .220 Michaelson, Mrs. M., ditto . 0 10 6 Morris, E., Esq., 112 [...]
Full text:[...] 130 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Newcastle-on-t ?ne—cont. £ s. d. Mendelson, A., Esq., 1, Der- went-place . . . .050 Mendelsohn, D., Esq., 17, Oxford-street . . . .050 Meltzer, N., Esq., 13, Bath lane-t [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 71 London—cont. Bonas, Henry, Esq., 53, Priory-road, N.W .... Bosnian, M., Esq., 62, High- street, Alcigate, E. Brand, N., Esq., 82, Leman- street, E..... Brasch, A., Esq., 77a, White [...]
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