Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/10 Annual report 1887-8
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Full text:[...] MOROCCO. 89 " tolerate the commission of acts of tyranny and injustice of " the Sultan's officers." In the same year Earl Granville wrote: -—■" The European Powers could not be expected to " cont [...]
Full text:[...] am to acquaint you that Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier, who, as you were informed by the letter from this Office of the 22nd of February, had been instructed to furnish a report upon the matters to [...]
Full text:[...] Lister. F. D. Mocatta, Esq., 100, Sutherland Avenue. An Abduction Case at Tangier.-—A telegram from Tangier was received at the Office of the Association on the 25th February, stating that a boy, [...]
Full text:[...] annual report. subject has been received from Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier Sfr W. Kirby Green reports that Mr. White, Her Majesty's Consul, [...]
Full text:[...] ANNUAL REPORT. the last University Convocation. He is the first Beni Israel who has passed from the Grant Medical College. In the last seven years five Beni Israel students had graduated in [...]
Full text:[...] The extension of industrial teaching will be helpful in removing the calamities of pauperism from the Jewish population of Jerusalem. This happy transition from a wretched to a prosperous [...]
Full text:[...] layettes, etc. Many of the little pupils being wretchedly poor, and glad recipients of food from Mrs. Corcos, and other charity, another suggestion of Mrs. Payton's is that parcels of left-off [...]
Full text:[...] appendix a.—proceedings at annual meeting. 45 APPENDIX A. \ ■> PROCEEDINGS AT THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION, Held under the Presidency of Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., M.P., on July 10th, 1887. [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 73 I London—cont. £ s. d. Falk, Philip, Esq., 17, Great Winchester-street, E.C. .110 Falk, J. D., Esq., ditto . .110 Palk, S., Esq., 25, Clifton- gardens, W.....110 Farmer, Leopold, E [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 75 London—cont. *Henriques, A. G., Esq., 9, Ade- laide-crescent, Brighton Henriques, Cecil Q., Esq., 47, Sussex-gardens, W. Henriques, D. Q., Esq., 17, Sussex-square, W., donation *He [...]
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