Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/10 Annual report 1887-8
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Full text:[...] 34 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. the last University Convocation. He is the first Beni Israel who has passed from the Grant Medical College. In the last seven years five Beni Israel students had graduate [...]
Full text:[...] 138 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL EEPORT. J. Gershon, Esq., Treasurer, in Account with the Anglo-Jewish Association, Sheffield Branch. Dr. Cr. £ s. d. To Balance in hands of late Treasurer . . .080 „ Amount of S [...]
Full text:[...] schools ik the east. 35 Committee, and on the Beni Israel Community, who had always proved themselves loyal and law-abiding, he hoped that at no distant time the Institution might be placed under the [...]
Full text:[...] by Mr. Oswald J. Simon, that a vote of thanks be given to the Auditors, Mr. H. H. Collins and Mr. Charles Davis, and that they be re-elected. 6. Moved by Mr. Claude G. Montefiore, and seconded by the Rev. [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 75 London—cont. *Henriques, A. G., Esq., 9, Ade- laide-crescent, Brighton Henriques, Cecil Q., Esq., 47, Sussex-gardens, W. Henriques, D. Q., Esq., 17, Sussex-square, W., donation *He [...]
Full text:[...] de Castro, Esq. H. H. Collins, Esq. Alderman and Lieut.-Colonel Cowan. E. H. d'Avigdor, Esq. Charles Davis, Esq. Conrad J. Davis, Esq. Frederick Davis, Esq. Israel Davis, Esq., M.A. Dr. Maurice [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX B. JEWS IN THEIR VARIOUS HABITATIONS. 47 ,finally expelled from both countries at the end of ■~e nfteenth century. The fugitives found a refuge in North Atiica, Turkey, and the other States b [...]
Full text:[...] 50 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Jews are also found in tlie Khanates, mostly traders, and rather a fine race, but badly treated. India, China, &c.—Many of the large cities of India contain Jews, thoug [...]
Full text:[...] 62 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. are ground and above all how great has even in the most reactionary countries, 0-----as been the progress of the Jews themselves, we have every reason to hope that a very [...]
Full text:[...] 98 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Rs. as. p. Tanna. Chicholker, Hyem Solomon, Esq. (1886-7 & 1887-8). . 12 0 0 Jawliker, Sirdar Bahadoor Samuel Isaac . . .600 Penkar, Subedar-Major Shal-ome Moses . . . .6 [...]
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