Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/9 Annual report 1886-7
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Full text:[...] 3 € a until, 1886-87. PRESIDENT. Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., VICE-PRESIDENTS. M.P. Ellis A. Franklin, Esq. Alfred G. Henriques, Esq. ..^Sir Henry A. Isaacs. F. D. Mocatta, Esq. Sir Benjamin S. Phillip [...]
Full text:[...] fenttifo Cjomntiftee. CHAIRMAN. B. Kisch, Esq., M.A., B.Sc. Jonas Bergtiieil, Esq. PL H. Collins, Esq. E. H. d'Avigdor, Esq. Ellis A. Franklin, Esq. Major A. E. Goldsmid. F. B. Halford, Esq. Alfred G. [...]
Full text:[...] BC 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. PAGE VII. Schools in the East-—continued. Philippopolis.......30 Salonica........31 Smyrna........31 Tetuan........32 Tunis.........32 Appendix A.—Proceedings at the [...]
Full text:[...] which he, as the founder of their Society, had acted throughout his honoured career. In Corfu, the Anglo-Jewish Association lost a faithful coadjutor. Signor Giuseppe E. Levi, Chief Rabbi of the Corfu [...]
Full text:[...] deserves. I should say this is the first public celebration of any kind which has been held by the Anglo-Jewish Association. This Association was established in the year 1871, nearly sixteen years ago, [...]
Full text:[...] ANNUAL REPORT of the gtttfllfl- J1} it'is It[iittwtt. 1886-87. THE YEAR'S WORK. The Anglo-Jewish Association has, during the past year, continued to exercise its useful influence in [...]
Full text:[...] 66 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Rozelaar, J. A., Esq., 54, Petherton-road . . . 0 10 C Rozelaar, M. A., Esq., 52, Petherton-road . . . 0 10 6 Sachs, G., Esq., 26, Marlboro'- hill, N.W [...]
Full text:[...] THE YEAR'S WORK. termined to hold a public Dinner in aid of the funds. The Dinner, which was given on the 2nd of March at the Gros-venor Gallery, and was presided over by Sir Julian Goldsmid, attained [...]
Full text:[...] Schools, has dwelt upon the success already attained in the Technical Schools subventioned by the Anglo-Jewish Association. The good which is being done, and the far greater amount of good that has to [...]
Full text:[...] branches. 11 I.—BRANCHES. Great activity lias in many instances been displayed by the Committees and other leading members of Branches. In consequence of these demonstrations of energy, increased vita [...]
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