Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/9 Annual report 1886-7
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Full text:[...] 74 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Dinner List—com. Sydney Selinger, Esq. . Henry Van den Berg, Esq. Philip Whyl, Esq. . J. Atrutel, Esq. Ludwig Benjamin, Esq.. Messrs. Davis Bros. W. Davis, Esq. J. Fineberg [...]
Full text:[...] 102 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. MANCHESTER BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. E. M. HbNRIQUES, Esq., J.P., President, Tower Grange, Broughton Park. M. SCIILESINGER, Esq., Treasurer, Grove House, Plymouth Grove. [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 103 Manchester—coni. £ s. d. Behrens, Ed., Esq., care of S. L. Bchrens & Co., Oxford-st. 110 Behrens, Emils, Esq., West- hill, Green-walk, Bowdon . 0 10 G Behrens, Miss, West-hill, Green-wal [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 105 Manchesteb— cont. Mandleberg, G., Esq., York street, Cheetham . Mandleberg, S., Esq., York- street, Cheetham . Marks, W., Esq., 37, Stanley- street . Mayer, Nathan, Esq., Cross- street . [...]
Full text:[...] 54 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. LIST OF MEMBERS of the ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION AND OF DONORS TO GENERAL AND SPECIAL FUNDS. The. names marked with an asterisk recur in the Preliminary List of Donors to th [...]
Full text:[...] 98 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. gation, who kindly volunteered to solicit new subscriptions, and the Committee cannot sufficiently thank him for his eminent zeal on their behalf. Thanks are likewise due t [...]
Full text:[...] 122 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT, Toronto—cont. Cadden, J., Esq. . Chon, W.. Esq. . Cohen. Jacob, Esq. Davis, Henry, Esq. Davis, Eugene, Esq. Drayman, J., Esq. Pogler, H, Esq. . Fogler, H., Esq. . Fogler, [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 55 Egypt—cont. Aghion, Giacomo R., Esq. Aghion, Victor, Esq. Broueton, —, Esq. . Campos, S., Esq. Castro, G., Esq. Filus, Isaac, Esq. . t Candour, Abraham, Esq. Goar, Joseph, Esq. . I [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 81 BRADFORD BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. V. Edelstein, .Esq., President and Treasurer. L. Goldstein, Esq., Vice-President. maurice cohen, Esq., Hon. Secretary. Ahrons, L., Esq. (Hertz & Co.) [...]
Full text:[...] 100 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. 0 10 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 10 G 1 1 0 0 5 0 0 10 6 Liverpool—cont. £ s. Liebschutz, A., Esq., 68, Old Hall-street Lipkin, B,., Esq., StaSord-st. . Lipman, M., Esq., 9, Eli [...]
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