Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/9 Annual report 1886-7
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Full text:[...] I ' THE SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT ^ngto-Jmiiih gpMpfimt, IN CONNECTION WITH TKE ALLIANCE ISRAELITE UNIVERSELLE, 1886—1887, (TTlStlj ©{Sees of tfje anglo^geintslj association: 100, SUTHERLAND AVENUE, LO [...]
Full text:[...] TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. Alphabetical Index to Localities where the Anglo-Jewish Association has Branches, Agencies, Committees, and Members :— Ballarat, 76; Bagdad, 54; Belfast, 54; Berlin, 54; B [...]
Full text:[...] BC 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. PAGE VII. Schools in the East-—continued. Philippopolis.......30 Salonica........31 Smyrna........31 Tetuan........32 Tunis.........32 Appendix A.—Proceedings at the [...]
Full text:[...] 122 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT, Toronto—cont. Cadden, J., Esq. . Chon, W.. Esq. . Cohen. Jacob, Esq. Davis, Henry, Esq. Davis, Eugene, Esq. Drayman, J., Esq. Pogler, H, Esq. . Fogler, H., Esq. . Fogler, [...]
Full text:[...] ISO sixteenth annual report. to be liberally fed by its Branches, in order to carry out to the full its benevolent services to the suffering of our race, or in the removal of those prejudices which st [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES 119 Swansea—cont. £ s. d. Joseph, Mrs. R., Heathfield- 10 street ..... 0 6 Lyons, Lewis, Esq., Walters- 1 0 road ..... 1 Lyons, S., Esq., High-street . 0 5 0 Lyons, Wolf, Esq., High- [...]
Full text:[...] 118 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. STOCKTON BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. Izak m. Cohen, Esq., President. A. mlciielson, Esq., Treasurer. B. G. COHEN", Esq., Hon. Secretary. Altson, I., Esq. Bernstein, P., Esq [...]
Full text:[...] 116 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Plymouth—cont. £ s. d. Jacobs, A., Esq., 44, Coburg-street, Plymouth (late of Paignton) . . . . 0 10 0 Joel, M., Esq., Buckland- street, Plymouth . . .050 Joel, Miss C. Bu [...]
Full text:[...] 114 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. claims of their unfortunate brethren, whose cause the Association advocates, have been neither forgotten nor denied. The number of subscribers is 33, and the amount subscr [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 113 NOTTINGHAM BRANCH. Heymann, H., Esq. Hirsch, H., Esq. Kokn, J. B., Esq. Levy, A., Esq. . Lewcnz, Mrs. L. HONORARY OFFICER. A. LEVY, Esq., Hon. Secretary. z/ar of £ s. d. £ d. 1 1 0 Lie [...]
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