Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/8 Annual report 1884-5
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Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 133 -twelve months have been light, it will be seen from the last Annual Report of the Parent Body that the work of the Anglo-Jewish Association is yearly assuming vaster proportions. The gr [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 91 A i i i 0 10 0 5 0 5 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 6 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 London—cont. £ s. d. Saunders, Alexr., Esq., 78, Sutherland-avenue, W. .220 Saunders, H„ Esq., 22, Hatlier-ley-grove,Westbo [...]
Full text:[...] 90 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Oppenheim, Mrs. M. M., 2, Eresby-road,. Kilburn,.N. W. 0 5 0 Oppenheim, Ralph, Esq., 20, Albert-gate, S.W.. . .050 Ososki, L., Esq., 396,.Mile End- ro [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 89 London—cont. Moza, D. de, Esq., 122, Hol- born, E.C..... Meza, I. do, Esq., 99, Tottenham-court-road, W.C. . Meza, M. de, Esq., 4, New Broad-street, E.G. Micholls, Ed. Montefiore, [...]
Full text:[...] WITH THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. 1st, 1884, to May 31st, 1885. Or. By Expenses (Petty Cash, Postages, Telegrams, Travelling Expenses, Pent, and Stationery) . ,, Printing and Lithographing .... „ Adv [...]
Full text:[...] ELLIS A. FRANKLIN, Esq., TREASURER, IN ACCOUNT Da. Statement of Accounts from June £21 0 0 To Balance of Current Account at London and Westminster Bank, May 31st, 1884 ,, Subscriptions ,, Contribution [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX E.—ME. B. L. BENAS'S TRAVELS. 75 and hopefulness I experienced in Jerusalem present a marked contrast to the disappointment I felt at the abject position of the Jews in the City of Abraham. [...]
Full text:[...] 74 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. I shall devote my report principally to the course of technical education, with which I believe the future prosperity of the Jews of Jerusalem is bound up. The miserable s [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX E. — MR. B. L. BENAS'S TRAVELS. 73 1 attire as the Polish rabbi, and it appears to me to be quite Russian to be guilty more in the breach than the observance of the elements of cleanliness. T [...]
Full text:[...] 72 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPOET. clerk of the works give her sixty centimes as her daily wages. They were in terrible distress at first and slept in caverns, but thanks to the exertions of Mr. Marcus Adle [...]
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