Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/8 Annual report 1884-5
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Full text:[...] by the general body of the community, their efforts would undoubtedly attain considerable results. Egypt seems to be destined to play again an important part in the regeneration of the East, and it would [...]
Full text:[...] of our Jewish institutions. I augur the best results from the visit of the Delegate Chief Rabbi to Egypt and the Holy Land, he having shown that a deep and unswerving attachment to, and a scrupulous [...]
Full text:[...] and from Mr. B. L.Benas, President of the Liverpool Branch, who, together with Dr. Adler, visited Egypt and Palestine, and from Mr. Edward D. Stern on the Bombay School. The Rev. Dr. H. Adler, who, [...]
Full text:[...] assumed at Cape 4 per cent. Registered Stock ; Metropolitan Board of Works 3|- per cent. Stock* Egyptian Unified Bonds (nominal value)f . £ s. d. . 480 15 1 89 10 6 . 562 11 9 . 1,641 16 6 20 0 0 . [...]
Full text:[...] utmost importance that the volumes should be issued promptly. The President of the Branch visited Egypt and Palestine during the months of April and May, and his report will be found in the body of the [...]
Full text:[...] than well-taught scholars. Allowance must of course be 'made for the cosmopolitan character of Egypt. Whilst the largest number of resident Europeans are Italian, the official language is French, the [...]
Full text:[...] something to do with the want of go that I thought was evinced. Ophthalmia, the local malady of Egypt, seems to affect the girls more seriously than the boys, and quite a number of the female pupils [...]
Full text:[...] M. E., Esq., and Mrs. Solomons . . . .110 Spero, I., Esq.....0 5 0 Spero, L., Esq.....0 5 0 EGYPT. Alexandria. Perpetual Members. Aghion, Bohor, Esq. Aghion, Moise, Esq. Aghion, David, [...]
Full text:[...] OF MEMBERS. 81 [Reprintedfrom, last year's list.] Annual Members. Egypt—cont. £ s. [...]
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