Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/8 Annual report 1884-5
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Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 145 SHEFFIELD BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. M. BAUM, Esq., fj'gafdW. TOBIAS GUTTMANN, Esq., S. COHEX, Esq., 31rgowre?'. M. VAUBNTIXB, Esq., 77b%. I The Executive of this Branch regret they cann [...]
Full text:[...] 118 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. extensive support of Schools in such countries where civilisation is unfortunately still far below European standards, and where the native populations are unable or too [...]
Full text:[...] morocco. 45 and assuring you that, so far as is consistent with the duties of my office, I shall ever be ready and most happy to act in the manner which has deserved your appreciation, I have the hono [...]
Full text:[...] 126 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL EEPOET. J. Samuel, Esq., Teeastjeee, in Account with the Anglo- Jewish Association, Liveepool Beanch. Dr- Cr. £ s. 1885. jan f To Arrears of Sub-» ' ■) scriptions from P' I 1884 [...]
Full text:[...] 138 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. NOTTINGHAM BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICER. A. LEVY, Esq., _Z7lo». #ec?"e&zry. £ s. d. Gottberg, J., Esq. , . .050 Heyman, H., Esq. . . .110 Hirsch, H., Esq. . . .110 Kohn, Oh. [...]
Full text:[...] 56 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. APPENDIX A. PROCEEDINGS AT THE ANNUAL MEETING OF TEE ASSOCIATION. Held under the Presidency of Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., on Jul? 6th, 1884. The President having addresse [...]
Full text:[...] 76 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Smyrna.—M. Sidi very kindly showed us over the admirable Schools of the Alliance at Smyrna. It is, indeed, refreshing to have to report in unqualified terms of praise of [...]
Full text:[...] 100 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. sufferings of the poor Jews of Morocco, Roumania, and Russia will, I trust, meet tlie success which they merit; and I am sorry that it is not in our power to do anything [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 137 The Treasurer, in Account with the Anglo-Jewish association, Newport (Monmouthshire) Branch. Dr. Cr- £ s. To Subscriptions for 1885 . 8 11 0 r-* £8 11 0 By Pee to Collector „ Cheque £ s. [...]
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