Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/8 Annual report 1884-5
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Full text:[...] Aj «iS THE FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT IN CONNECTION WITH THE ALLIANCE ISRAELITE UNIVERSELLE, 1884—1885, 6644 8646 TT1R L ©fftces of tije &ttjjlo=3Jetotsi} association: 100, SUTHERLAND GARDENS, LONDON, [...]
Full text:[...] r 150 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. WEST HARTLEPOOL BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. commissioner g. L. Abrahams, Esq., President and Treasurer. A. harris, Esq., Vice-President. S. Kaufman, Esq., lion. Secretar [...]
Full text:[...] 148 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Toronto—com. Cohen. Jacob, Esq. Davis, Henry, Esq. Davis, Isaac, Esq. Epstein, T., Esq.. Fogler, H., Esq. . Fogler, S., Esq. . Franklin, A., Esq. Friendly, A., Esq. Goldr [...]
Full text:[...] 146 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT, Agar, M., Esq. Baum, M., Esq. Baum, Mrs. M. Chapman, H., Esq Co}ion, M., Esq. Cohen, S., Esq. Cohen, Mrs. S. Davis, D. E., Esq Davies, H., Esq. Ehrenfeldt, M., Es Fifer, [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 145 SHEFFIELD BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. M. BAUM, Esq., fj'gafdW. TOBIAS GUTTMANN, Esq., S. COHEX, Esq., 31rgowre?'. M. VAUBNTIXB, Esq., 77b%. I The Executive of this Branch regret they cann [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 143 PORTSMOUTH BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. jacob fbiedeberg-, Esq., President. E. Emanuel, Esq., j.p., Alderman, Vice-President. p. j. hyams, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. Isaac Phillips, lion. Secre [...]
Full text:[...] 140 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. success, continue to watch over the interests of Judaism in all quarters of the habitable globe. Signed on behalf of the Committee, B. Lichtenstein, President. Ii. Naphta [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 139 OTAGO BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. Rev. B. llchtenstein, President and Treasurer. Hon. s. E. shkimski, M.H.R., Vice-President. H. naphtali, Esq., Eon. Secretary. I. Benjamin, Esq. | M. Joe [...]
Full text:[...] 138 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. NOTTINGHAM BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICER. A. LEVY, Esq., _Z7lo». #ec?"e&zry. £ s. d. Gottberg, J., Esq. , . .050 Heyman, H., Esq. . . .110 Hirsch, H., Esq. . . .110 Kohn, Oh. [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 137 The Treasurer, in Account with the Anglo-Jewish association, Newport (Monmouthshire) Branch. Dr. Cr- £ s. To Subscriptions for 1885 . 8 11 0 r-* £8 11 0 By Pee to Collector „ Cheque £ s. [...]
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